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Books for Therapists on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a revolutionary therapy modality that has greatly influenced psychology as a whole since its first formulation. The number of therapists involved with it grows every day, making for a large group of psychologists theorizing about this thrilling approach. Either to learn the basis of CBT or discuss more advanced matters, these books are […]

Books for Therapists on Cognitive Therapy

For a great number of disorders, like anxiety, OCD, depression, and others, cognitive therapy is one of the most indicated therapy modalities. Its practical and constructive character helps patients restructure themselves and their lives, leading the way to a more satisfactory way of life. The publications below offer great descriptions, advice, and strategies to any […]

Books for Therapists on Therapy in General

This section approaches themes that are common to every therapy orientation, discussing concerns, advice, and strategies to enrich and model the psychotherapeutic process. These eye-opening publications will assist you in understanding the life-changing potential of therapy, and how to achieve real change. To keep this site running, we are an Amazon Associate where we earn […]

Books for Therapists on ACT

ACT is a branch of behavioral therapy, and even though it’s relatively recent, it already has proven effectiveness; however, it’s an approach full of complexities and details, which is why it’s necessary to dive deep into the theory. This section presents some highly important books that shaped and influenced ACT, teaching how to implement it […]