Books for Therapists on Sexuality

This section addresses one of the most important aspects of human experience: sexuality. Still a taboo to this day, human sexuality (and even more women’s sexuality) isn’t given the attention and care as it deserves, seeing as it’s a key aspect to fulfillment and joy. Discussing how sex is involved in the psychotherapeutic process and in mental health as general, these publications are sure to educate you on the importance of this matter.

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“Sex Made Simple: Clinical Strategies for Sexual Issues in Therapy” by McCarthy

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Sex Made Simple is a powerful resource to any therapist working with patient’s sexual issues and dysfunctions. With effective techniques designed to fit different situations, such as healing of sexual trauma, maintaining resilient desire or treating sex dysfunctions, this book is the perfect tool to help you visualize sex issues in a more comprehensive way.

“Sexual Intelligence: What We Really Want from Sex–and How to Get It” by Klein

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Expert psychologist and sociologist Marty Klein discusses in this illuminating book the real importance of a mature sexual intelligence, and how it impacts every aspect of our sexual lives. Klein makes us reevaluate our mindset when it comes to sexual matters, and teaches us what we can do to change it and achieve a more fulfiling and satisfactory sex life.

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“Come as You Are” by Nagoski

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“Dynamik des Begehrens: Systemische Sexualtherapie in der Praxis” von Clement

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This book focuses on the sexually acting, feeling and thinking person. Self-determination takes precedence over improving symptoms, “being” over “doing”. In particular, disorders of sexual desire are examined in terms of their significance for self-esteem as a man or woman and made therapeutically accessible. The well-known sexologist has succeeded in creating an educational book for therapists. Well-founded, scientifically substantiated and with a good sense of humor, the author taps all facets of systemic sex therapy.

“Sexualtherapie: Ein neuer Weg in Theorie und Praxis” von Hartmann und Lay

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This book is the new standard work for the diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunction. It doesn’t only offers the reader a well-founded overview of the psychological and somatic aspects of these common disorders, but also a comprehensive redesign of sex therapy. In addition to a compact overview of the current aspects of sexual medicine and treatment options for sexual dysfunctions in men and women, this book offers the reader a consistent and structured framework for the therapeutic approach. Numerous tools and techniques are made available to help change processes in sex therapy.

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