Books for Therapists on Gestalt Therapy

The relationship that the therapist and client form during the psychotherapeutic process is of utmost importance to the outcome of therapy, and gestalt therapists have been studying this aspect of treatment for many years. In the books contained in this section, you’ll find both introductory and advanced discussions that have captivated the attention of many authors over the years, and comprehend more about the value of present connection and of gestalt therapy itself.

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“Creative Process in Gestalt Therapy” by Ziker

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Psychologist and adept to gestalt therapy, author Joseph Zikers writes this inspiring and thought-provoking book about the relationship between client and therapist, while also explaining gestalt therapy and its potential to be a creative and passionate process, seeing as both the therapist and the patient reinvent themselves throughout the psychotherapeutic journey.

“The Healing Relationship in Gestalt Therapy” by Hycner and Jacobs

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The Healing Relationship in Gestalt Therapy is an iconic piece of work that defined the relational aspect of Gestalt psychotherapy, and shed light on the utmost importance that the relationship between patient and therapist has during the psychotherapy process and the consequential success of interventions. This book is though as a great contribution to Gestalt theory and all its followers, with impact to this day.

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“Awareness, Dialogue, and Process: Essays on Gestalt Therapy” by Yontef

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Awareness, Dialogue and Process is a compilation of essays by renowned psychologist Yontef on a wide array of subjects concerning Gestalt theory. It discusses key topics such as the history and politics of Gestalt, its main principles and theories and the practice itself. New and experienced therapists alike will find that this book addresses some crucial discussions and reflections that lead to a better understanding of Gestalt theory as a whole.

“Gestalttherapie: Lehrbuch” von Hartmann-Kottek

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Lotte Hartmann-Kottek presents the Gestalt approach systematically and at the same time in a practical way in this writing. It describes the special effectiveness of Gestalt therapy by introducing case studies as well as a variety of exercise. The reader will find cross-connections between psychotherapy (in psychodynamic, behavioral, systemic and humanistic forms), Gestalt psychology, neurobiology, physics and philosophy. For therapists the book represents experiences with different settings (Individual, couple, family, group gestalt therapy, supervisory organizational work), different age groups (also for children, adolescents and seniors), special fields of application (psychiatry, psychosomatics, addiction therapy) and special characteristics, e.g. B. Gestalt therapy in the medium of body work, movement, music, poetry and artistic forms of expression.

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