Books for Therapists on Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy is a highly tested and highly effective approach that presents itself as a valuable resource to therapists. This list of works contains everything you need to know about what is exposure therapy, why it’s successful and, most importantly, how to implement it in the clinic, with an individual treatment plan for each specific mental health issue.

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“Written Exposure Therapy for PTSD: A Brief Treatment Approach for Mental Health Professionals” by Sloan and Marx

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This book is a potent resource for any therapist aiming to implement Written and Exposure Therapy for PTSD in their practice. With clear and concise instructions, this manual explains the intervention step-by-step and provides up-to-date research on the effectiveness of patients writing about their traumatic events, and discussing the experience of writing, rather than the traumatic event itself. With lower dropout rates than any other trauma intervention, this book presents a new way of providing successful treatment to those suffering from trauma.

“Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD” by Foa, Hembree, and Rothbaum

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This book is a powerful and valuable guide that provides the best descriptions and instruments to the Prolonged Exposure Therapy applied to the context of PTSD. Here, top of the field professionals come together to help therapists on the implementation of this highly effective approach that draws from clinic and reasearch alike, also allowing a essential individualization to fit each different patient.

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“Exposure Therapy for Treating Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: A Comprehensive Guide” by Raggi, Samson, Felton, Loffredo and Berghorst

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Exposure Therapy is well known for its high success rate and functionality, and in this practical guide, you’ll learn why. This book dives into different kinds of anxiety disorders often found in children and adolescents – such as selective mutism, school refusal, specific phobias – and provides a detailed description of how to proceed when applying Exposure Therapy to individual cases. In addition, the book details how the family context can help during the children’s treatment, and the factors that may contribute to the development of anxiety.

Exposure and Response (Ritual) Prevention for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Therapist Guide” by Foa, Yadin and Lichner

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Exposure and Response (Ritual) treatment for OCD is highly recommended, and has already proven to be an indispensable tool in the clinic. This Therapist Guide offers all details concerning this practical intervention, like diagnose descriptions, differential diagnosis, research background information and, most importantly, a complete assessment on how to implement this kind of treatment, and how to individualize it to fit every patient’s needs.

“Expositionszentrierte Verhaltenstherapie bei Ängsten und Zwängen” von Hoffmann und Hofmann

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Exposure is considered to be the method of choice for managing anxiety and compulsions. The authors present the current state of research in the field of Exposure Therapy. In Hoffmann and Hofmann’s approach, exposure is not conceived as pure habituation, but rather as active coping and positive learning experience with the acceptance and tolerance of fear. They show their approach in an easily understandable, clear way by using case studies how the implementation works together with the clients. At the same time, the principles of action and the difficulties of therapy are discussed. In this 4th edition numerous additions and a new chapters on social anxiety are added.

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