Books for Therapists on Person-Centered Therapy

The interest in person-centered therapy has exponentially grown in the last few years, mainly because of its focus on empathy, humanity, and the authenticity regarding the therapist and client. This therapy modality has the power to inspire and comfort those who work with it, providing a comprehensive and compassionate view of people. To learn more or reflect on advanced matters concerning this approach, this section is for you.

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“A Way of Being” by Rogers

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Impressive and revolutionary psychologist Carl Rogers, the creator of human centred therapy, presents us with this book that was written close to the end of his career. Rogers reflects on his career and his professional journey as he poses more philosophical questions than what he used to make, with the objective of urging us to lead a more humane life and reach our potential – both as therapists and people.

“Learning and Being in Person-Centered Counselling” by Merry

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Learning and Being in Person-Centred Counselling offers a masterful explanation of all aspects of this respected approach, covering its origins, theories, practices and up-to-date research. In addition, the book brings suggestions on how to exercise your person-centered values and skills. This book is recommended to anyone who works in the health field or simply to anyone who has a desire to know one of the most empathic approaches in psychology, as Merry’s writing aims to be accessible and clear.

“Person-Centered Therapy in Action” by Mearns and Thorn

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Person-centred counselling is a compelling and diverse approach, which means that over the years, there have been many new additions to the original theory. That’s why, in this fourth edition of the classic Person-Centred Counselling in Action, there are important new writings that expose how this approach operates today and its most recent research, but without losing the book’s educational aspect and discussing in detail both theory and practice of the person-centred theory.

“Person-Centered Therapy Today” by Mearns and Thorne

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Exposing new insights and ideas while also being faithful to the origins of person-centred therapy, author Mearns and Thorne propose in this book a fresh and innovative take on this captivating approach, sharing recent theories and research. The book is an important development to person-centred therapy, as it offers guidance to new therapists and inspiration to experienced ones.

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“Skills in Person-Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy” by Tolan

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There is a range of different skills and techniques that need to be learned in order to become an astute and well-rounded person-centred practitioner. This book is written specially to exercise those skills, offering a detailed account of all the steps that need to be taken in order to master the person-centred approach, and it manages to do that by presenting vivid case studies and promoting important debates.

“Working with Relational Depth in Counseling and Psychotherapy” by Mearns and Cooper

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The relationship between therapist and client is considered by many to be the focus and defining factor of a successful intervention. By addressing the concept of relational depth, authors Mearns and Cooper discuss how psychotherapy is a space that promotes a deep encounter between client and professional, and that this connection allows for the client to reflect upon his or her experiences in a real and raw sense.

“On Becoming a Person” by Rogers

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“In my relationships with people, I’ve found that pretending to be someone I am not, doesn’t help in the long run. I have found it extremely rewarding to be able to accept another person. ” That is a quote by revolutionary psychologist Carl Rogers, and it gives insight into the innovative way in which Rogers portrayed himself in the clinic, as explained in this book. On Becoming a Person is a must-read not only for psychologists, but for all people who want to have a more honest and true approach in life.

“Personenzentrierte Psychotherapie. Gesprächspsychotherapie nach Carl Rogers” von Grzeskowiak

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The person centered therapy – alongside psychoanalysis and behavioral therapy – is one of the most frequently used forms of therapy. The person-centered approach is taught at numerous universities and enjoys great recognition in the professional world. The basic assumptions of the person-centered approach are discussed in this book. The focus of the method is on people with their tendency towards self-realization. This innate growth potential, also known as the tendency to update, is the driving force in all of his activities and thus the foundation on which person-centered therapy is built. The book describes the most important questions of the topic and gives detailed insights.

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