Community Forums for Therapists (neu)

This is a platform where mental health professionals and students in a therapy program can share and discuss topics related to psychotherapy. Discussion of therapeutic techniques are encouraged. Platform for information exchange about practice and new research, information about careers in therapy, and dissection of case studies that protect the identity of the client.

The forum is operated by DSP Richard L. Fellner, who is an experienced psychotherapist, coach, couple therapist and supervisor in Vienna and Thailand. He collected extensive information, articles and news on the topics of psychotherapy, coaching, supervision, couples therapy and sex therapy on the website in order to compile basic information that can help in deciding on the “right” therapy method and finding the “right” psychotherapist.


A forum for quick and personal online communication with psychologists. It gives the opportunity for asking questions in an online chat platform where psychologists will answer in minutes. This platform makes it possible for connecting with verified and experienced psychologists.

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Forum for questions and discussions about psychology, bullying and depression, personal development, love and connection etc. Platform for exchanging experiences, news, chatting with people interested in psychology.

Psychologisches Forum Münster

Psychologisches Forum Münster is an association of freelance qualified psychologists. They offer the following qualified psychological services: psychological reports (legal psychological forum Münster), outpatient psychotherapy in private practice, professional coaching for executives, career and life coaching, conflict management, supervision, specialist lawyers for family law, family judges, advice and mediation before, during and after separation and divorce.

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