Blogs for Therapists

  • Baggage Reclaim: Baggage Reclaim is a blog created by the empathetic and outspoken Natalie Lue, that uses her own personal struggles with low self-esteem, abandonment, emotional unavailability, and trauma as inspiration to discuss how you can free yourself from a troubled past and move on to a more fulfilled and happy life.
  • Late Night Fragments: Andrew Yuen is the photographer and writer that created this blog. Through his writing, Yuen touches on subjects that speak to human nature and universal experiences; because of that, his blog is engaging and accessible, providing readers with deep reflections and questions.
  • Mindbodygreen: The objective of this blog is to offer you a complete view of human wellness, which includes body, mind and spirit. It posts informative and thought-provoking articles on science-based holistic approaches and other matters involving human health, such as mindfulness, relationships, beauty and food.
  • Mind Remake Project: Run by the therapist and self-proclaimed introvert and traveler Cassie Jewel, the blog centers around the promotion of mental health and well-being, and aims to help readers lead a more satisfactory and balanced life. The blog is recommended to health-professional and the general public alike, as it has content that resonates deeply with any person seeking quality of life.
  • Practice of the Practice: Practice of the Practice is a valuable resource to any therapist and counselor wishing to start, maintain, or grow a practice. It presents us with helpful articles, podcasts, advice and more that will assist professionals everywhere to achieve a successful practice.

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  • Hellobetter: HelloBetter (previously GET.ON) has been a leader in e-mental health for years. They offer clinical studies and online trainings developed and evaluated in intensive, long-term research work by scientists from the fields of psychology, occupational medicine, health economics, computer science and design.
  • Online Psychology: The blog is run by Carolin Müller, who is a graduate psychologist, Buddhist Therapist & mindfulness trainer. She uses numerous methods of Buddhist psychology, modern clinical psychology and psychological counseling in her online psychology services.
  • Inntal Institut: The blog offers scientifically proved methods and psychological findings for everyday life solutions e.g recognizing strengths, expanding skills and developing personal potential. It shows scientifically sound ways and possibilities to sustainably strengthen well-being and to support others in it.
  • Mentavio: Articles and information on selected psychological topics and news. Mentavio is a platform for online psychological counseling, coaching and therapy. It offers online contact with psychologists, psychotherapists and naturopaths.
  • Gedankennahrung: Blog about psychology, inspiration and coping with everyday life. The mission of the blog is to share practical knowledge collected from psychology related books, articles, podcasts, etc.
  • Paarberatung & Psychotherapie: Shares knowledge about relationships and couple therapy by using methods from Systemic therapy and counseling (WISL), Training in Focusing (FZF), Alternative practitioner (psychotherapy)
  • Musiktherapie: Blog of the German Music Therapy Institution that shares knowledge about the newest findings from music therapy.

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