Books for Therapists on Multiculturalism

In the modern era, different cultures are clashing and mixing, creating unique phenomenons made possible by globalization; at the same time, it may seem like different cultures have insurmountable differences, making it difficult to understand people from different backgrounds. These next few books will help you gain a better grip on other cultures and people, a key element to empathy.

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“Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche” by Ethan Watters

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American culture became embedded in almost every other culture around the world. That’s because, more and more, the American way of thinking and functioning is changing the very own human-psyche on a large parcel of countries. Journalist Ethan Watters studies this phenomenon that is Western thinking taking over the world, and suggests that disorders like depression and PTSD are indicatives of it.

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“Ethnicity and Family Therapy” by Monica McGoldrick, Joe Giordano and Nydia Garcia Preto

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This iconic book on family therapy addresses a much needed but often unexplored topic: that of how ethnicity affects the therapeutic process. In a revealing and intelligent matter, the narrative presents 40 different ethnic groups and the way their characteristics may affect the way both their therapists and themselves face therapy. Reading this book is a sure way to have a better understanding of different cultures and their functioning.

“Interkulturelle Familientherapie und -beratung: Eine systemische Perspektive” von Saied Pirmoradi

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Multiculturalism in therapy: what should be considered? Interculturally sensitive, a must for family therapists and counselors. Global mobility has brought people from diverse cultural contexts together with their differently learned patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior. There is also an increasing ethnic and cultural diversity in Germany. The profound conversion processes that go along with it challenge all people as well as institutions in the host society. Special demands are also made on professionals in the psychosocial field.

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