Books for Therapists on Love

Love can be a mysterious and indescribable feeling; even so, these next few books set out to explain and elucidate the power of love, its origins, its influences, and much more. With theories that will teach, move, and inspire you, these texts are recommended to anyone seeking what love means, and what it represents.

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“All About Love: New Visions” by Bell Hooks

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Iconic feminist author and critic bell hook suggests in this book a new meaning of the concept of love, going beyond the notion of passionate and desirous love. In this intimate and revolutionary narrative, the author shows how this feeling can unite communities and nations, and just how powerful and brave is the act of loving. This book teaches everyone a new way of viewing love, and how it can save us.

“The Art of Loving” by Erich Fromm

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Philosopher and psychoanalyst Erich Fromm delves into the true characteristics and powers of love in all its forms, whether it may be self love, romantic love, love to God or any other. In this rich and warm book, Fromm teaches us that, like any other activity, love requires practice to truly excel in it. The Art of Loving will explain to its readers what the compelling title aims to show us: love is a art that demand to be studied and admired.

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“Liebe in der Psychotherapie: Potential. Problem. Perspektive.” von Reinhardt Krätzig

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It’s about the love that often arises between therapist and patient, whether in psychotherapy, medical treatment or in physiotherapy. Often it is one-sided, sometimes it affects both people. The author makes it clear that love within therapy is different from love outside. It can become a positive and strengthening factor if it is understood as part of the treatment and the setting is not violated. Otherwise, it becomes an obstacle and perhaps even the cause of sexual abuse. Psychotherapy is primarily considered, but many of the findings can also be transferred to other fields of therapy. The book is an aid for therapists who want to orientate themselves in difficult terrain. Affected patients can also find support and advice. The author provides an approach to the topic, looks at the background for the emergence of intense affection and shows with many examples how the various forms of love can be dealt with.

“Psychologie der Liebe: Persönliche Entwicklung durch Partnerbeziehungen” von Jurg Willi

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Today one can again admit that one needs another person and that one wants to be needed. There is a new longing for bond, for closeness and tenderness, for stable togetherness. Alone is only accepted as a transitional form, not as a way of life. Marriage and family are once again seen as a haven of security; permanent togetherness as a coveted luxury good.

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