Books for Therapists on Anxiety

Anxiety assails a great number of people nowadays, ranging from light to debilitating disorders. The next couple of books aim to help the mental health professional treat this common issue, providing descriptions and a number of techniques from different kinds of approaches to assist in the psychotherapeutic process.

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“Cognitive Therapy of Anxiety Disorders” by Wells

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Cognitive therapies are based on the idea that behavior and emotions result largely from an individual’s appraisal of a situation, and are therefore influenced by that individual’s beliefs, assumptions and images. This book is a comprehensive guide to cognitive therapy of anxiety disorders.

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“Psychologie der Angst: Ein Lehrbuch” von Krohne

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This book introduces the fundamentals and different theoretical approaches of the psychology of fear and anxiety. In addition, it provides information on the latest findings in selected areas of anxiety research, especially measurement, fear management and the biological basis of the current emotion fear. The author arranges the various defining, classifying and measuring methodical approaches of the psychology of fear. Using selected empirical findings as examples, he presents recent research results on the developmental conditions, triggers and consequences of fear. Particular attention is paid to the latest research on the neurobiological basis and correlates of fear.

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