Books for Therapists on Working with Police

Police enforcement is a delicate job that requires exquisite situation-solving skills and strong ethics. The next couple of books address some of these characteristics, and aim to both assist in the betterment of police work and elucidate some key aspects of how law enforcement employees are trained today.

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“Polizei- und Kriminalpsychologie: Psychologisches Basiswissen für die Polizei” von Sticher

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The book summarizes many basics and provides a great and understandable introduction to the topics. In particular, perception, development and interrogation but also on the functioning of memory, feelings (especially fear), the development and perception of children, the credibility of statements (children and adults) and puberty.

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“Emotional survival for law enforcement: A guide for officers and their families” by Gilmartin

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Author Kevin Gilmartin delivers us an insightful and comprehensive work on what makes a idealistic and caring law enforcement officer turn into a prejudiced and cynical individual through the course of his or her career. Gilmartin develops and details preventive actions that can be taken to preserve the empathetic and positive attitude of law enforcement, and involves employees in the rescue of initial ideals.

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