Books for Therapists on Shame

Acknowledging shame is hard; dealing with it is even harder. Knowing that, the following authors set out to provide ways to work with this uncomfortable feeling in yourself and your patients. On top of that, the books address the origins of shame, its manifestation, its development, and many other aspects of this agonizing yet unavoidable emotion.

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“Shame in the Therapy Hour” by Ronda L. Dearing and June Price Tangney

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Shame is a strong yet unexplored emotion, making it hard sometimes to psychotherapists to identify it and address it during the clinical process. With that in mind, authors Dearing and Tagney wrote this book especially to discuss shame and all its aspects, like development, manifestations and ways to dealing with it. This book shows a deep side to the feeling of shame and its implications both for the therapist and the patient.

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“Befreiung von Scham und Schuld: Alte Überlebensstrategien auflösen und mehr Lebenskraft gewinnen. Das Neuroaffektive Beziehungsmodell” von Laurence Heller und Angelika Doerne

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Shame and guilt are very deep-seated feelings. The renowned psychotherapist and founder of the NARM guidelines Laurence Heller and the therapist Angelika Doerne explain the manifestations and consequences of these negative feelings in this book. They give the causes and show ways to liberation. Our entire experience plays an important role here: through deep understanding, acceptance of our feelings and more and more with ourselves, firmly rooted shame and guilt can be loosened. Then we gain vitality, joy, the ability to love, clarity and satisfaction!

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