Books for Therapists on Personality

Psychologists have been studying personality for decades, with every one of them coming up with different theories and explanations on why we are the way we are. These next few books aim to show some of the important theories about this theme today, and at the same time deliver complex and interesting ideas about the human complexion.

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“Entwicklung der Persönlichkeit: Psychotherapie aus der Sicht eines Therapeuten (Konzepte der Humanwissenschaften)” von Carl R. Rogers

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“In my relationships with people, I’ve found that pretending to be someone I am not, doesn’t help in the long run. I have found it extremely rewarding to be able to accept another person. ” That is a quote by revolutionary psychologist Carl Rogers, and it gives insight into the innovative way in which Rogers portrayed himself in the clinic, as explained in this book. On Becoming a Person is a must-read not only for psychologists, but for all people who want to have a more honest and true approach in life.

“Persönlichkeit und Bindung in der therapeutischen Beziehung: Eva Neumann und Rainer Sachse im Gespräch mit Uwe Britten” von Rainer Sachse und Eva Neumann

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The authors discuss the interplay of the personality structures of client and therapist as well as the question of what kind of bond the therapist-client relationship represents. In any case, successful therapy with people with impaired personality depends on the therapist knowing his own personality structure and his own attachment behavior well. Every person has a personality structure and every person has learned a certain way of establishing bonds with others and being bound to other people in general. Often people come to psychotherapy who show a conspicuous pattern of personality as well as insecure attachment patterns.

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“Psychoanalytic Diagnosis: Understanding Personality Structure in the Clinical Process” by Nancy McWilliams

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Nancy McWilliams elucidates the definition and implications of psychoanalytic personality theory in a comprehensible way in this indispensable book. Recommended to practitioners from all professional backgrounds, the book dives into different character types and teaches how to understand a patient’s personality and use this information to provide an insightful psychoanalytic process.

“Personality: What Makes You The Way You Are” by Daniel Nettle

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Scientist Daniel Nettle wrote this book with the intent of exploring what makes people behave so differently from one another. To find the answer to that complicated question, Nettle dives into the “Big Five” theory, which divides personality into five different personality “sectors”. In an engaging and enlightening narrative, Nettle mixes scientific research with true-life stories.

“Motivation and Personality” by A. H. Maslow

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A revolutionary psychologist in the humanistic field, Maslow investigates the nature of human personality in this intriguing book. By developing on concepts such as self-actualization and free will, Maslow created a theory that lasts to this day and helps mental health professionals to understand more about the intricate human mind.

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