Books for Therapists on OCD

Like all other disorders, diagnosing and treating OCD requires extensive study and practice; however, this condition has its own characteristics and peculiarities, making it essential that the therapist dive into the origins of OCD, what are some common symptoms, and the most suitable treatment options. These next few books aim to elucidate all these matters, and more.

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“Erfolgreich gegen Zwangsstörungen: Metakognitives Training – Denkfallen erkennen und entschärfen” von Moritz und Hauschildt

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This manual for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder uses numerous entertaining examples as well as proven and new treatment strategies to show those affected how to avoid “thought traps” typical of obsession (e.g. excessive assumption of responsibility, perfectionism). All materials have been created for self-help, but are also suitable as a valuable addition for use by therapists. Evidence for the effectiveness of the approach has already been provided in two scientific studies. The third edition has been expanded to include many new exercises.

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“Kognitive Verhaltenstherapie bei Zwangsstörungen: Ein Therapiemanual” von Lakatos und Reinecker

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The revision of the successful therapy guidelines clearly and precisely describes the cognitive-behavioral therapy procedure for obsessive-compulsive disorder. The practical implementation of cognitive-behavioral therapeutic methods and important aspects of relationship design are illustrated with the help of numerous case and intervention examples. The book starts with a description of the disorder and presents the current etiology models and the latest data on the state of therapy research. Based on the 7-phase model, all phases of the therapy process are then discussed, starting with the specifics of the relationship structure, the clarification of motivation to relapse prevention. The core of the manual is the presentation of special intervention techniques e.g. the shift in problem definition, exposure and reaction prevention, cognitive interventions to modify overestimating dangers and to change basic dysfunctional assumptions, as well as special techniques for dealing with obsessive-compulsive thoughts.

“Psychological Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Fundamentals And Beyond” by Antony, Purdon and Summerfeldt

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This informative and insightful book, written by specialists in the field of OCD, provides a complete take on all aspects concerning this disorder. After discussing the characteristics, complexities and symptoms of this condition, the authors deliver a detailed and carefully planned treatment intervention, based on a cognitive-behavioral approach. This publication is recommended both to entry-lever psychotherapists and more seasoned practitioners alike, as it addresses both basic theory and more dense and advanced discussions.

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