Top 5 Podcasts to Grow Your Therapy Practice

Looking for great podcasts to listen to so you can start and grow your practice? Look no further; these 5 podcasts are frequently posting, up to date and super helpful for all therapists.

Oftentimes, psychologists that pursue a clinical career may feel lost or confused upon starting their own practice; an infinite number of questions comes to mind, including how to choose a location, how to attract clients, how much to charge, and many more doubts that, at first, may seem impossible to answer. And the question marks don’t stop there – after starting the practice, one must maintain it, and that begs a whole other line of questions. 

Well, these 5 highly praised podcast answer all your doubts and share useful advice and information that you didn’t even though you needed. Featuring experienced practitioners as hosts and interviewees, including Melvin Marghese, Joe Sanok, Alisson Puryear and others, these entertaining and informative podcasts show you the viable, attainable and even fun ways to successfully start and maintain a practice. 

Selling the Couch

Rating: 4.9/5

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Selling the Couch is a blog and podcast, founded by psychologist Melvin Marghese, that seeks to guide early-career therapist on how to build their practice, how to get referrals, recommended bibliography, and other topics that go into building your own business.

The Practice of the Practice

Rating: 4.8/5

Frequency of posting: 2/week

The Practice of the Practice offers useful tips and advice on starting and managing your own private practice. The show also presents topical and entertaining discussions about psychotherapy. The podcast’s host is Joe Sanok, author and psychologist.

Abundant Practice

Rating: 4.7/5

Frequency of posting: 2/week

Focusing on practical advice on building private practices, this brings different guests to the show every week. On Mondays, the interviewee is a counselor seeking advice on how to start their practice; on Wednesdays, the talk is about how to get more support as a therapist. The host is Alisson Puryear.

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The Private Practice Startup

Rating: 4.7/5

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Kate Campbell and Katie Lemieux, two successful private practitioners, produce this podcast to bring insight and teach about the fundamentals about building your own thriving private practice. Each episode, they bring a different professional as a guest, ranging from psychologists to entrepreneurs.

The Testing Psychologist

Rating: 4.7/5

Frequency of posting: 2/week

Dr. Jeremy Sharp, a psychologist, is the host of this podcast that centers around the creation of private practice. With that in mind, Jeremy will invite a guest for each episode to talk about marketing, technology, self-care, and other topics that come to mind when talking about starting your own private practice.

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