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Spoken in English

All in the Mind

All in Mind is presented by psychologist and scientist Lynne Malcolm, who has extensive experience in radio programs. In this podcast, she explores diverse topics concerning the mind, brain, and behavior, ranging from addiction to artificial intelligence.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Abundant Practice

Focusing on practical advice on building private practices, this brings different guests to the show every week. On Mondays, the interviewee is a counselor seeking advice on how to start their practice; on Wednesdays, the talk is about how to get more support as a therapist. The host is Alisson Puryear.

Frequency of posting: 2/week

ACT in Context

ACT in Context is all about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The podcast will invite the listener to learn more about this practice, from its principles to its practical application. It’ll also touch on other similar subjects, such as behavioral analysis and the philosophy of science.


APA Journals Dialogue

The APA Journals Dialogue, owned by the American Psychological Association, presents interviews with early career psychologists, one for each episode. The psychologists are published authors that explain their methodologies, results and perspective of future work.

Frequency of posting: About 1/month

American Counseling Association’s Podcast Series

This podcast attempts to keep counselors and therapist well informed on prominent professional matters, thus saving its listeners time and money. Every episode brings a different professional as interviewee.

Frequency of posting: About 1/month

Between Us

Between Us aims to discuss the relationship between the therapist and the patient, looking to understand both sides. The podcast is brought by John Totten and Mason Neely, and recurringly brings guests to talk about relevant subjects in the psychotherapy field.

Frequency of posting: Infrequent

Creative Therapy Umbrella: The Podcast 

This podcast is dedicated to helping therapists support the well-being and mental health of children through the creative arts. You will hear a variety of interviews with creative arts therapists, expressive therapists, and child specialists who focus on supporting infant and child mental health.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Counselling Tutor 

The aim of is to provide access to high-quality resources to support teaching and learning in the world of counselling and psychotherapy. They also made podcast that is pointing to key elements of counselling. Blog and podcast are made by Rory Lees-Oakes (former senior lecturer in counselling) and Ken Kelly.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Counselor Audio Source 

The Counselor Audio Source Podcast series ran from Jan 2006 until April 2010. Here they have archived the podcasts shows and notes, along with a listing of potential courses that some of the shows might fit well. In those podcasts they speak about various topics, from Counseling the Gifted Child to Elder Issues, Work Success and Work Adjustment etc.

Counselor Toolbox 

Counselor Toolbox was launched to provide freely accessible tips, tools and tricks to help people achieve their highest quality of life. Twice a week they delve into topics that will help people better deal with addictions, mood disorders and understand the interaction between mood, physical health and addiction. 

Frequency of posting: 2/week

Finding Mastery

Host and high performance psychologist, Dr. Michael Gervais, interviews people excelling in the most hostile environments to discover the mental skills used to push the boundaries. Each episode features inspiring stories from the world’s best athletes, brilliant business minds, and the musicians and artists changing our perspective of what’s possible. 

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Happier is all about practical and useful advice on happiness and good habits, provided by Gretchen Rubin, a prominent author, blogger, and speaker. We follow Gretchen and her younger sister, Elizabeth Craft, as they navigate through personal experiences and thought-provoking concepts.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Help Me Be Me 

Help Me Be Me is full of practical tools to help you overcome a variety of emotional challenges. Each episode is broken up into three parts: the what, the why, and the how: the tools. This podcast is hosted by Sarah May B. who is not a therapist. 

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Hidden Brain 

Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships. Frequency of posting: 1/week


Invisibilia is the Latin word for invisible things, which fit perfectly with this engaging podcast. The episodes are a mix of storytelling with science, all focusing on the invisible forces that shape our behavior, beliefs, and assumptions. The podcast is hosted by Alix Spiegel, a producer and journalist, and Hanna Rosin, a writer.

Frequency of posting: 2/month

Latinx Therapy

Latinx therapy, as the name suggests, focuses on the mental health of Latinx individuals. The podcast has the objective of demystifying a variety of misconceptions about the health of Latinos and Latinas, which they do with the help of various guests, such as psychiatrists, doctors, social media influencers, tv personalities, and more.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Mastering Counseling

This podcast is advised for current and future psychologists that want to know more about different approaches and themes in counseling and psychotherapy. Host Megan Hawksworth, a therapist, brings in different therapists every week to talk about their experiences in relation to treatment theories, different problems their patients face, and other topics.

Frequency of posting: Ended

Mental Illness Happy Hour

Mental Illness Happy hour is and unorthodox podcast hosted bu Paul Gilmartin, a stand-up comedian. Every week a new interviewee is welcomed on the show, and they range from comedians and friends of Paul to doctors and artists. The podcast addresses issues such as mental illnesses, traumas, and addiction.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Other People’s Problems

Host and therapist Hillary McBride offer a whole new format of podcast, in which she, with the permission of her patients, offers a look into her sessions. Every episode shows a real patient of Hillary discussing its own life and problems that come with it.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Pop Culture Therapists

This podcast delivers what the name promises, seeing as every episode, two therapists aim to explain and dissect how the topic of mental health is treated in movies and TV shows. Examples of the content analyzed are the movies Midsommar and American Beauty and the TV show Big Little Lies.

Frequency of posting: 2/month

Psych Essentials: A Psychiatry Education Podcast for Students and Learner

Psych Essentials covers a multitude of topics in the psychiatry field, from its concepts to its clinical practice. Matters of personality disorder, medication, suicide, and others are addressed by Dr. Lindsay Lebin and Dr. James Koved, both psychiatrists.

Frequency of posting: Infrequent


PsychEd is recommended not only for psychologists or psychiatrists but for anyone who has an interest in learning about different psychiatric conditions. Every week, the team of psychiatry residents that run the podcast picks a different psychiatric condition to review and examine.

Frequency of posting: 1/month

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

This podcast is hosted by Dr. David M. Puder, a psychiatrist, who invokes his substancial experience as a therapist and researcher to elucidate matters concerning mental health. Every week, David interviews mental health professionals and students or people that have suffered from mental illnesses themselves.

Frequency of posting: 1/week


Psychologists Off the Clock

Psychologists Off the Clock was created by four clinical psychologists that bring to the table their own professional experience to discuss ideas about different areas in your life, such as relationships, parenting, career, and others.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Psychology in Seattle

Psychology in Seattle touches on a wide array of recent topics, all related to mental health, with the objective of being just as educative as it is entertaining. The host is Dr. Kirk Honda, a professor and therapist.

Frequency of posting: 2/week

Saw Why to Drugs

Knowing about the curiosity and taboo around recreational drugs, Dr. Suzi Gage, a psychologist, created this podcast. Every episode, the psychologist chooses a different substance to discuss, talking about both its risks and its benefits when using.

Frequency of posting: Infrequent

Selling the Couch

Selling the Couch is a blog and podcast, founded by psychologist Melvin Marghese, that seeks to guide early-career therapist on how to build their practice, how to get referrals, recommended bibliography, and other topics that go into building your own business.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Shrink Rap Radio

This podcast navigates an array of different topics concerning psychology with host Dr. David Van Nuys, who every episode invites a different guest have conversations about developmental psychology, spirituality, self-confidence, research and more.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Speaking of Psychology

Speaking of Psychology is produced by the American Psychological Association, and focuses on the most recent and important findings in research. Every episode is presented by a different psychologist that discusses findings in their line of work.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Starting a Counseling Practice

This podcast covers all the aspects of starting a counseling practice, offering tips and advice to guide psychologists through this challenging time. It’s hosted by Miranda Palmer and Kelly Higdon, both therapists with experience in clinical practice.

Frequency of posting: 2/month

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Terrible, Thanks for Asking is an unapologetic podcast about people’s real stories and feelings hosted by Nora McInerny, an author and speaker. The show inspires empathy, compassion, and, in the end, laughter.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

The Appetite: Specific for Eating Disorders

Hosted by the founders of Opal: Food+Body Wisdom, an eating disorder treatment center, psychologists Lexi Giblin, Kara Bazzin and nutritionist Julie Church dive into the relationship between food, body and mental health.

Frequency of posting: 2/month

The Hilarious World of Depression

The Hilarious World of Depression promotes conversations between comedian John Moe and another guest comedian that has suffered from depression. Its seemingly paradoxical proposal has the goal of talking about depression with a humorous approach, showing that mental illness doesn’t always have to be a gloom conversation.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

The One You Feed

This podcast is inspired by the famous parable of the two battling wolfs that live inside of us, the good and the bad, and how the one that wins is the one we feed. Host Eric Zimmer uses this story as a conversation starter on how to live a more fulfilled and happy life, alongside psychologists, doctors, authors and public figures.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

The Psych Central Show

Psych Central Show poses itself as an accessible podcast for those who want to learn more about psychology and mental health. The hosts of the show invite experts to discuss complex topics in a simple language.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Psych Crunch

This podcast is promoted by the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest, and debate the real-life applications and implications of the research being done in the psychology field. It explores the question of what scientific findings can we actually apply to our lives.

Frequency of posting: Infrequent

The Psych Files

The Psych Files, hosted by Michael A. Britt, Ph.D., is aimed at anyone who has a curiosity towards human behavior and psychology. The tone of the podcast is very amicable and accessible, and it studies the psychology of our everyday lives.

Frequency of posting: Ended

The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

Every week, host and psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman stimulates the minds of the listeners as he and a guest explore the wonders of the mind, if not to give us a better understanding of ourselves, to entertain and educate us.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

The Private Practice Startup

Kate Campbell and Katie Lemieux, two successful private practitioners, produce this podcast to bring insight and teach about the fundamentals about building your own thriving private practice. Each episode, they bring a different professional as a guest, ranging from psychologists to entrepreneurs.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

The Practice of the Practice

The Radical Therapist

The Radical Therapist has the goal of bringing though-provocative discussions about the many intersections of therapy, such as art, philosophy, technology, and others. The show is hosted by Chris Hoff, a Vygotskian and Zen Buddhist therapist.

Frequency of posting: Infrequent

The Savvy Psychologist

The Savvy Psychologist podcast and host Dr. Jade Wu’s greatest concern with this show is to help you better understand your emotions and relationships. The goal is to provide trusted tools to listeners to create a better emotional intelligence and lead a healthier life.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

The Science of Happiness

This podcast is focused on bringing evidence-based strategies to its listeners with the goal of providing ways of bringing more happiness and fulfillment into your life. It’s hosted by professor Dacher Keltner of Berkley UC and promoted by the Greater Good Science Center.

Frequency of posting: 2/month

The Social Work Podcast

The Social Work Podcast, as explained by its name, is a show that discusses all things social work, for example, its practical appliances, theories, education, research, and so on. The show, while targeted for an audience of social workers, is also of great relevance to fields like psychology, counseling, or nursing.

Frequency of posting: Infrequent

The Testing Psychologist

Dr. Jeremy Sharp, a psychologist, is the host of this podcast that centers around the creation of private practice. With that in mind, Jeremy will invite a guest for each episode to talk about marketing, technology, self-care, and other topics that come to mind when talking about starting your own private practice.

Frequency of posting: 2/week

The Therapist Experience Podcast by Brighter Vision: Marketing and Business Lessons for Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, and Coaches in Private Practice

This podcast addresses the practical actions and strategies needed to start and maintain a private practice. Subjects like how much to charge, how to advertise, the use of technology and other important issues are discussed here in the hopes of helping psychologists everywhere.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

The Trauma Therapist

The Trauma Therapist is hosted by Join Guy Macpherson, PhD, who interviews leading professionals in the field of trauma. Centering around this subject, the podcast also touches on issues like addiction, yoga, and mindfulness and debating its relation to trauma.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

The Thoughtful Counselor

This podcast is as diverse as it is compelling. The show commits to deliver deep conversations about the broad field of psychotherapy, managing to create a link between practice and theory.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

The Wise Counsel Podcasts

The Wise Counsel podcast is consisted of interviews lead by David Van Nuys, PhD, about mental health and psychotherapy. The interviewees are leading professionals in their field of psychology and psychiatry or patients and their family members themselves.

Frequency of posting: 1/month

Therapist Uncensored

Lead by two therapists that welcome one expert for each episode, this podcast dedicates itself to look closely into modern attachments, relational neuroscience, and trauma. It’s designed to help better our connections with ourselves and others.

Frequency of posting: 2/month

Therapy Chat

Laura Reagan, the host of Therapy Chat, is a psychotherapist acting as a facilitator on this podcast, as each episode, she brings a new guest to debate alternative approaches to therapy and counseling. Some of the themes discussed are holistic healing, burnout, art therapy, self-compassion, and mindfulness.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Where Should We Begin?

Where Should We Begin? is an enticing podcast by Esther Perel, a relationship counselor. In the show, we follow Esther as she counsels and listens to real couples and their real problems, leaving you reflecting on the problems we all face as people connecting with others.

Frequency of posting: 1/week

Spoken in German


Ricarda is a psychologist, Felix is a doctor and would-be comedian. Together they are Psycho and Doc and bring psychology to a whole new level of elegant Laberkunst without losing the scientific claim.

Thea – Entdecke Deine Göttlichkeit! 

Developing divinity and finding inner essence. Main message of the podcast: “You alone have the power to bring your soul into balance and to heal the outside by healing the inner wounds!”

Psychoanalyse im Mitschnitt 

Is psychoanalysis outdated and outdated? This podcast offers the opportunity to listen to current lectures on the topics of psychoanalysis and thus to gain a deeper insight into the diversity of contemporary psychoanalysis and its fields of reference.

LandschaftsgärtnerInnen der Neurosen 

The “landscape gardeners of the neuroses” (following a quote from the “Element of Crime”) deal with topics of psychology and psychotherapy.


Psychcast features mental health care professionals discussing issues that most affect psychiatry nowadays.

Praxen der Zukunft

Practice owners and therapists for physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy form an important pillar of our health system and yet face economic and thus existential challenges that have led to a shortage of skilled workers. In the podcast Practices of the Future, entrepreneur Jan Hollnecker and physiotherapist and medical educator Gino Sayegh discuss with each other and with interview guests what we can do today to help shape the future of therapy.

Der Marketing Podcast für Heilpraktiker und Therapeuten

Interesting facts about online marketing and the establishment of a practice for therapists and alternative practitioners

DPtV – Deutsche Psychotherapeuten Vereinigung

This is a podcast for licensed psychotherapists, for people who are learning to become one and for everyone who wants to know interesting things about the profession of psychotherapist.

All Things Psychotherapy

All Things Psychotherapy is a podcast by two psychologists and child- and adolescent psychotherapists discussing current hot topics.