Great TED Talks for Veterans

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Wes Moore: How to talk to veterans about war

Wes Moore shares his own inspirational and compassionate story with us in this moving TED Talk. Having joined the US army to pay his college tuition, the veteran discusses touching matters on his relation with civilians when after fighting on Afghanistan and the impact this return had on all aspects of his life.

Jake Wood: A new mission for veterans- disaster relief

Jake Wood runs Team Rubican, a nonprofit dedicated to helping military veterans to continue their service by responding to natural disasters and global crisis. In his lecture, Jake talks about the ingeniosity of the idea behind his nonprofit, and how it benefits veterans while managing global issues.

Sebastian Junger: Our lonely society makes it hard to come home from war

The military provides an environment of bonding that’s difficult to find elsewhere; with that in mind, Sebastian Junger, author and director, suggests that part of the hardship that comes from returning from war is due to the individualism and dividedness of the modern society that veterans encounter when they come home.

Jean-Paul Mari: The chilling aftershock of a brush with death

Jean-Paul Mari, a journalist that has reported on dozens of international crisis, uses his near-death experience in 2003 as a jumping point for a deep and meaningful discussion about mortality, post-traumatic stress, trauma and psychosis.

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Adam Driver: My journey from marine to actor

World-renowned actor Adam Driver lets us into his journey since his service as a Marine, discussing the transition to his career as an actor and sharing his experience with the creation of his nonprofit Arts in the Armed Forces, that approximates an unlikely pairing: theater and military.

Melissa Walker: Art can heal PTSD wounds

PTSD is a mental illness that frequently incapacitates its victims to share their feelings and experiences. Through art therapy, Melissa Walker shows a hopeful path for those affected by trauma from war to begin a process of healing, especially with the confection of masks.

Hector Garcia: We train soldiers for war. Let’s train them to come home, too

The military and civilian life are two immensely different situations; while soldiers are trained to face the battlefield, they’re not prepared to go back to the civilian context. Hector Garcia, a psychologist specialized in PTSD, will enlighten us on how he manages to accommodate veterans to live a well-adapted life after the war.

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