Great TED Talks for Perfectionism

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Thomas Curran: Our dangerous obsession with perfectionism is getting worse

Thomas Curran, a social psychologist, covers the problem of modern society that is the obsession over perfectionism, especially among young people. He tries to demonstrate how a society that commemorates imperfections can be a much more healthy and happy one.

Charly Haversat: Perfectionism holds us back. Here’s why

Recovering perfectionist and former athlete Charly Haversat discusses the setbacks and implications of trying to achieve perfection in the multiple contexts of our lives, promoting a more beneficial mindset when it comes to failure.

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Eduardo Briceño: How to get better at things you care about

Getting better at some activity that we care about is something we all strive to do, and speaker and writer Eduardo Bueños is designed exactly to give us advice and strategies on how to upgrade our skills on anything we desire to.

Sarah Lewis: Embrace the near win

No great artist, professional or artist starts at perfection, so why are we always unsatisfied when we don’t achieve perfection? This discussion is addressed by Sarah Lewis, an art historian and critic, as she states that we should cherish our almost-failures, because that’s exactly what keeps us going.

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