Great TED Talks for Lying & Self-Deception

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Pamela Meyer: How to spot a liar

Those who say they have never lied, are lying. Author Pamela Meyer shows the reality that we hear lies every day, dozens of times, and helps us understand what it takes to detect the lies of others. Ultimately, she argues that among all these lies, the truth is very well worth preserving.

Jeff Hancock: The future of lying

Have you ever thought about how the internet influences honesty? Professor Jeff Hancock has and states in this thought-provoking TED Talk that the internet may actually make us more honest, partly due to the permanence of information.

Marco Tempest: The magic of truth and lies (and iPods)

In a display of magic and technology, magician Marco Tempest begins an intersectional conversation about truth, lies, connection and feelings.

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Dan Ariely: Our buggy moral code

Behavioral economics researcher Dan Ariely draws from his studies a complex and compelling debate on our morals and the reasons why we’re willing to suppress it sometimes. This discussion will reveal discrete forces that have influence over our behavior and choices.

Michael Shermer: The pattern behind self-deception

Strange beliefs are a part of the human condition, and there’s a reason for that- in this lecture, writer Michael Shermer explains what makes this statement true, and what is the pattern behind it.

Kang Lee: Can you really tell if a kid is lying?

Behavioral researcher Kang Lee dedicated himself to discover just how good children are at lying, and how we can perceive it. Turns out, they’re really good. In this TED Talk, Kang Lee explains why we should be in favor of a child starting to lie and what kind of technologies are being developed to identify them.

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