Great TED Talks for Anxiety & Burnout

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Larry Smith: Why you will fail to have a great career

Larry Smith is an economics professor and is not shy with this TED Talk about crazy excuses given by people upon failure, especially when pursuing their dreams.

Candy Chang: Before I die I want to…

What do you want to do before you die? Artist Candy Chang turned an abandoned house into an enormous chalkboard to prompt people of her community to ask themselves this exact question- and share it with others later. This is the story of how this came to be and the profound discussion behind it.

Sarah Lewis: Embrace the near win

No great artist, professional or artist starts at perfection, so why are we always unsatisfied when we don’t achieve perfection? This discussion is addressed by Sarah Lewis, an art historian and critic, as she states that we should cherish our almost-failures, because that’s exactly what keeps us going.

Emilie Wapnick: Why some of us don’t have one true calling

Artist, writer and career coach Emilie Wapnick enlightens us on the reality of those who don’t want to have a single career path, but rather various intertwined paths. Emilie calls those people “multipotentialites”, and explores the nature of this concept.

Young-ha Kim: Be an artist, right now

As children, we sing, dance, draw and play, but some of these activities lose space in our lives as we grow older. Writer Young-ha Kim requests us to reconnect with that child to commence our journey as artists.

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Ze Frank: Are you human?

Ze Frank’s inquiry for us may seem simple at first, but don’t be fooled; the performance artist, humorist and composer prompts us to answer a series of basic questions to determine what we thought we already knew: am I human?

Dan Gilbert: The psychology of your future self

The person you are now is not the person you were before, neither the person you’ll be in the future. Whether you agree or not with this statement, Dan Gilbert will show you the truth of it and how we are not the finished product of ourselves, as much as we want to believe it.

Kathryn Schulz: Don’t regret regret

As much as we try to avoid, regrets are a part of life. In this warm and accepting TED Talk, writer Kathryn Schultz will make use of her own life experiences- and regrets- to argue why we should welcome it rather than fear it.

Ruth Chang: How to make hard choices

Most people will feel confused and doubtful when confronted with a big crossroads in their lives; philosopher Ruth Chang makes the case for a new way of thinking about these kinds of choices, one that facilitates our thinking process.

Stephen Sagmeister: The power of time off

Stephen Sagmeister’s TED Talk has the objective of illuminating the valuable benefits of taking time off from work, and presents us with his own experience as a successful designer to prove it.

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